Resource Center

The Resource Center includes three tools; the Portfolio Update, Stock Screener List, and EV Pretenders List. These tools are meant to help investors navigate challenging areas for long-term growth-oriented stock investments. All of these of these services are available through the Gold Plan. A Platinum Plan is currently under development that will provide similar tools for the thousands of public companies available for investment.

Portfolio Update

Portfolio Analysis

The portfolio under management has a detailed financial model including two and five-year forecasts which provide information on anticipated stock returns in the future. The Portfolio Update gives investors analysis based on these forecasts and projections, providing insights to portfolio moves. Sample can be requested.

Stock Screener List


Avoiding Investment Pitfalls 

The Stock Screener List has been created to help investors navigate through the world of growth stocks. This includes Big-Tech, new IPOs, and the many companies in between. Having a stock screener to continually compare the universe of options is key - historical and two and five-year forecasts are included for consistency. Sample can be requested. 

EV Pretenders List


Getting Ahead of the EV Revolution

The EV revolution is upon us. The EV Pretenders List takes a comprehensive approach to reviewing the major investment options in the automotive industry. This includes vertically integrated EV leaders like Tesla, Lucid and Rivian; traditional automotive OEMs like Ford and GM, and de-SPACed companies like Fisker and Arrival. Twenty to 40 years from now, the automotive industry will be vastly different. Sample can be requested.