EV Pretenders List: 4/1/2022 Nikola Corp.

The EV Pretenders List includes a listing of companies where I question their ability to succeed in the EV revolution. There will likely be a few that prove me wrong, but I would be highly surprised if many on this list are not bankrupt within the next five or ten years. That being said, there are many additional aspects that need to be considered in lock-step with these companies. These aspects include the incorporation of traditional automotive OEMs, namely Ford Motor Company (F) and General Motors Co. (GM) with a focus on U.S. electric vehicle sales. I see the U.S. market as the most lucrative for an EV future. This assessment will not include any Chinese EV OEMs as I do not recommend any investor take Chinese companies seriously. China will not be producing many EVs in the U.S. until it becomes clear that there is a light-duty opportunity, which will happen at some point in the future. Similar to the IPO Dog List, the goal here is to highlight risky companies, while at the same time monitoring their performance on a quarterly basis. EV Pretenders List

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