God and Investing

In order to succeed in investing and building wealth, we must be driven by core principles such as integrity, commitment and dedication. Investment acumen is built over years of hard work, and even once achieved, the daily grind becomes an ever-greater challenge to press forward against.

For me, I look no further than the Bible as my daily inspiration and guide for my investing approach. Like everything in life, the Bible has power through God’s word that can be applied consistently. As I start each day learning more from the Bible, I look to make parallels of how God’s word can offer valuable lessons for investment discipline and success.

As we grow in Christ daily, we can recognize how impactful and rewarding a relationship with God can be, especially as it relates to anything and everything that we do. As I have been blessed through my investment strategies, management, and performance over the past decade, I hope to bring methods and approaches to help encourage others to share in future investing success!